First! (Or: Hopefully we’ll look back on this one day and laugh)

4/366: Beginning

In many ways, this post is like a beige LEGO -- boring, yet full of potential.

The very first post on any blog cannot, I suspect, escape the connotations of its low-tech parallel: an unfamiliar person on your favorite form of public transportation speaking coherently to no one in particular. In fact, the latest in nano-headset technology ensures that our prospective madman has far more excuses than we to be holding forth at the apparent void. When you begin writing on the Internet, it is assured that your first words are ignored at the time of writing. So think of this post as a time capsule — not meant for immediate consumption. Less self-indulgent content: TBD.

I record the proposed subjects of this blog below, partly as a commitment device to restrain my topics of exposition (it won’t), and partly as a guide for you, the currently-nonexistent reader, on what you might find here someday. The areas that most interest me are:

  • Nontraditional education and self-directed learning
  • The methods firms use to select, recruit, evaluate and train employees
  • Labor market skill gaps and solutions
  • Entrepreneurship and the development of human capital

Off-topic posts are likely, ranging from small-city life (Boston) to nutrition (it’s…good?) to gentlemanly attire (assuming I find any).

See you out there.



2 thoughts on “First! (Or: Hopefully we’ll look back on this one day and laugh)

  1. Now, that didn’t take that long, did it?
    My own blog hit its five-year anniversary last month. I didn’t post much last year, and the anniversary kind of slipped past without my noticing, but I’d missed the routine and am determined to reinvigorate the habit of thinking out loud.
    One concern I had was that I’d take too many side trips. I actually have a category with that label, in part so I can keep an eye on the meter. As it happens, side trips come to 10% of the blog’s total, which is a lot less tangential than I am in person.

    • Dave,

      If Scots poetry counts as a side trip, keep them coming!

      Let’s see if I can do this one from memory:

      The best laid plans o’ mice and men gang aft agley / and lea’ us naught but grief and pain for promised joy! / Still, thou art blest compared wi’ me / the present only toucheth thee / but och, I backward cast my e’e on prospects drear / and for’ard tho I canna see, I guess, and fear.

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