Karl Kapp on educational revolution

Kapp on the need for revolutionary change in education:

Year End Musings, Reflections, Predictions and Thoughts: Part Two | Kapp Notes.

We need to wipe out the current structure and put into place a structure that recognizes the realities of today’s modern world, that emphasizes 21st century skills like problem-solving, creative thinking and entrepreneurial thinking.

The school day shouldn’t be divided by subject, it should be based on projects, students working in teams creating a company or answering a request for proposal or preparing for a forensic debate…

We don’t need to band-aid the school system; we need to fundamentally change its core. We need to align the educational structure with the needs of society and the world. 

Where do I sign up?

It’s not an either/or issue; creative, integrative and relational skills are ways to reinforce and solidify subject-area learning, not some new-age replacements for concrete knowledge.

Education certainly would be more efficient if the human brain were built to process narrative-free modules of pure information. But since it’s not, why do we keep teaching that way?